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Says Trump is a "National Socialist tumor"

Nov 24

Gasbag Baldwin calls for fans to do everything they can to get rid of Trump

Rageaholic hater Alec Baldwin is really confused. He thinks the President is a socialist and he also called for his followers to “do everything” to “get rid of” the president.

Baldwin called the president "a National Socialist tumor," referring to the NAZIs, who really were National Socialists. It's a hip thing to do.

The nasty 30 Rock and SNL star tweeted out his hateful message in time for Thanksgiving.

Nasty guy Baldwin recently called for the “overthrow of the [Trump] government.”

Now, gasbag Baldwin faces misdemeanor charges for sucker punching or sucker slapping a guy -- it’s not clear -- in a parking space rage.

Just a week later, he was told he lost his spot for his very poorly rated show, “The Alec Baldwin Show”.

ABC moved bad-tempered Alec Baldwin’s TV show to a spot where TV shows go to die -- Saturdays at 10 p.m. beginning December 8th.

Baldwin’s show is one of ABC’s lowest-rated programs among many low-rated programs. Last Saturday, according to Variety, he attracted 1.5 million viewers who must have nothing much to do with their spare time.

Posted by S.Noble on November 21, 2018

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