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Many intelligent, well educated Democrats believe Trump cheated and stole the election

Aug 31

Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats are losing their minds over Trump

A Democrat who served in the Bill Clinton administration and now teaches at the University of California at Berkeley has concluded that impeaching President Trump is not a good idea.

He wants the Trump presidency annulled!

It’s because impeachment wouldn’t reverse President Trump’s actions in totality. It wouldn’t erase him from the roster of presidents. It wouldn’t undo the laws he’s signed, the appointments he’s made and the executive orders he’s issued.

Talk radio star Rush Limbaugh was flabbergasted.

“He’s losing his mind! They all are! It’s hilarious.”

The demand for the unprecedented and extra-constitutional “annulment” comes from Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Now a professor at Berkeley, he wrote in Newsweek: “The only way I see the end of Trump is if there’s overwhelming evidence he rigged the 2016 election. In which case impeachment isn’t an adequate remedy. His presidency should be annulled.”

And Reich fretted that Trump might actually win in 2020, because as a “malignant bullying megalomaniac” he could “pulverize any Democratic opponent.”

Reich speculated that special counsel Robert Mueller has “indisputable evidence that Trump conspired with Russian President Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 election.”

According to Reich, that would make Trump’s presidency not authorized by the Constitution, and it would take annulment to remedy his actions.

“The only response to an unconstitutional presidency is to annul it. Annulment would repeal all of an unconstitutional president’s appointments and executive actions, and would eliminate the official record of the presidency.”

Now, to you and me, this is genuinely insane. It’s incomprehensible. Yet Democrats are committed to impeachment or annulment -- or worse. They are totally, completely devoted to ending Trump.

Posted by WND on August 30, 2108

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