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Kathy Griffin let Trump Derangement Syndrome destroy her career

Jul 11

Kathy Griffin ruined her own career by not thinking about the consequences of her publicity stunt.

For those of you who don't know, Kathy Griffin, a comedian, took a picture of her holding what appeared to be President Trump's severed head. Griffin said the picture was meant to be a joke. After receiving death threats, hate mail, terrible comments, etc., Griffin removed the photo and asked the photographer to remove the photo. The picture was taken down, and she posted an apology regarding the picture. Since the picture was posted, she was fired from CNN and many of her shows were even canceled.

Alright, now you're all caught up, so now, let me set some things straight. When former President Obama was elected president, there were pictures of replications of him being burned, hung, and there were even protests. Do I agree with it? No. Do I agree with what Kathy Griffin did? No. Do I think any president should be disrespected like they have been? No.

I bet you're asking, "Well, why are you writing this then? What is your point?" My point is, Kathy Griffin did this very publicly. She did this without thinking about the consequences. She also claimed the picture was meant as a joke. I'm not sure what she expected when she posted the picture. I really don't know. How could she possibly think this was going to go over well? Holding someone's bloody head is not a joke. Death is not a joke. The death of a president is not a joke. Griffin really thought people were going to laugh about it? C'mon now. I really don't know what's so funny about it.

On top of that, Kathy Griffin's apology seemed like a joke to me. That was the real joke in this issue. She only apologized to make people stop saying the awful things they were. Realistically, I'd probably do the same thing. Anyway, that's not what my real issue was. In her apology, she says, "I crossed the line. I moved the line, then I crossed it." So, wait, you want us to believe you're sincerely apologizing for the image, but you made a joke in the middle of your apology. Wow. You really made me believe you were sincere. The eye rolls that were all throughout it also made it believable. Way to go, Kathy, You really fooled me.

In a conference posted by CNN, Griffin claimed what is happening to her is "a woman thing," and she was going to make more fun of Trump "for her comedic material" in the future. I really don't know how this can be labeled as a woman thing. Does she really think this wouldn't have happened if a male comedian did the same thing? I do. The picture was disrespectful and disturbing regardless of its intent. It shouldn't have been posted. If she wants to make fun of Trump in the future, feel free, but she should probably think about how it will hurt her career even more. It may not be the smartest decision.

Posted by Stephanie Freeman on June 12, 2017

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