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Wants all government positions in the United States to be occupied by females

Nov 27

"Luke Skywalker" says all men should be banned from politics -- agrees anyone can become a woman by simply saying they are

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, who many people know played the role of “Luke Skywalker” in the original franchise series, is back on Twitter again with more hysterical rants, this time calling for all government positions in the United States to be occupied by females.

On November 13, Hamill tweeted a photo of five, far-left female Democrat politicians, including the famously uneducated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who were recently declared the winners of their districts as part of the new 116th Congress, stating that this image of all-female leadership should serve as a template for America’s leadership system as a whole moving forward.

“For centuries, men have had their chance to rule government with middling-to-poor results,” the washed up, 67-year-old actor wrote on the photo’s caption. “Who’s ready to let women take charge completely? Just women. I know I am.”

As of this writing, there are more than 122,000 “likes” on Hamill’s tweet, and more than 17,000 “retweets,” suggesting that many far-leftists agree with his sentiment. But the irony, of course, is that these same leftist lunatics don’t even agree that there’s such a thing as biological sex.

They even published a study towards this end earlier in the year, which declared the gender “binary” to be absolute fiction.

With this in mind, how can Hamill and his followers make the claim that only women should be politicians, when according to their same deranged belief system there isn’t even such a thing as a “woman?” Would “Caitlyn” Jenner be an eligible candidate for Congress, in Hamill’s view? What about men who simply “self-identify” as women – do they fit the bill?

Hamill failed to address any of these seeming contradictions within his doctrines of leftist thought. But our guess is that only actual women, and maybe really influential transgenders, would have any shot at leadership positions, should his visionary fantasy ever become actual reality.

Posted by Ethan Huff on November 19, 2018

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