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President Donald Trump "is absolutely a racist" and so are his supporters

Aug 10

Michael Moore says "evil genius" Trump has put America in "grave danger"

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told the Huffington Post in an interview released Thursday that he believes President Donald Trump is an “evil genius,” who has “no intention of leaving the White House.”

Michael Moore is prepping a documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, about President Trump and says the leader of the free world should be worried. The name of the film is taken from the day after the November 8 election when Trump was declared the president-elect and is a reference to Moore’s 2004 President George W. Bush-focused documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. The Weinstein Company committed $6 million to make the film, but pulled funding in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes scandal.

Moore told the Huffington Post that the president is an evil maniacal menace, who aims to remain at the helm of the country for the rest of his life. “Donald Trump is an evil genius. He has no intention of leaving the White House,” Moore told the far-left news outlet. “Whenever he hears that another country has a president for life, he perks up and thinks, ‘I like the sound of that!’ And he has an obedient political party that holds every seat of power backing him up.”

Posted by Joshua Caplan on August 9, 2018

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