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Jan 5

Hammer Time

Removing any lingering doubts that 2019 might not suck with the intensity of an immense black hole, yesterday Nancy Pelosi again wrapped her claw-like talons around a ceremonial gavel (which she refers to as "my precious") as she was restored to the lofty position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

"Let each of us pledge that when we disagree, we will respect each other and we will respect the truth," said the aging harpy who recently showed her respect for the President of the United States by saying that listening to him was like being sprayed with skunk piss.

"Transparency will be the order of the day," she added -- clearly not caring about the irony of her demands to turn off news cameras during her recent meeting with Trump, not to mention her famous quote about Obamacare that "we have to pass it so you can see what's in it." In other words, the only thing "transparent" about Nancy's tenure for the next two years will be the obviousness of her anti-American motives.

Nancy also promised that Democrats "will make America more American by protecting our patriotic, courageous Dreamers who aren't actually Americans and may, in a few cases, belong to violent gangs."

Okay, she didn't really finish the sentence like that, but we're sure she wouldn't mind us adding the additional facts for the sake of transparency.

And while she didn't specifically mention the controversial border wall which is currently the cause of a partial government shutdown, her inflexible position on the issue is already impacting a lot of lives...

The lack of a border wall tempts people to make a very dangerous hopes of eventually committing the crime of entering our country illegally, after which a huge percentage will survive on welfare.

But not everyone makes it. Many woman and children are routinely raped and abused during the journey, and still others simply die of various causes -- nearly 400, just last year. We'd include the young girl and boy who recently died after being dragged over the border by neglectful parents. The United States tried to save the children's lives, but it was too late.

Refusing to build the wall is an open invitation to more suffering and death. But deaths -- even those of women and children -- are secondary to the political advantages Democrats intend to gain by flooding our country with government-dependent illegals.

So besides giving Nancy that gavel, maybe we should also give her a shovel with which to dig graves for those who she'll continue to sacrifice for her own ambitions.

Posted by Nina Bookout on January 5, 2019

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