Liberalz R Nutz -- Ron Perlman

Has Perlman been doing his own stunts?

Oct 8

OMG he’s LOST IT! Ron Perlman has full-out MELTDOWN

Perlman has full-out MELTDOWN, compares Kavanaugh to Hitler (and then it REALLY gets dumb)

Ron Perlman doesn't to be taking Kavanaugh's confirmation very well.

And has Perlman been doing his own stunts? There seems be missing some links in his logic chain .

OK, there is never, ever an appropriate situation to compare Hitler or the Holocaust to.

Never. EVER.

And Nazis around us? WTF?

You’d think by now these Hollywood yahoos would know better, but oh no, good ol' Hellboy had to drop the Hitler card.

Posted at 1:27 pm on October 8, 2018 by Sam J.

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