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"I've watched Stormy's porn. It's very good. She knows what she's doing."

Dec 5

Trump-haters caught Watching XXX Star Stormy Daniels During Tribute To Bush 41

Former President George H.W. Bush's casket arrived yesterday in Washington D.C., and thousands of patriotic Americans traveled to the Capitol Rotunda to pay their respects, including President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. It was a solemn occasion, but you wouldn't know it by what a crowd of Trump haters were doing. The sickos were glorifying porn "actress," Stormy Daniels!

Even worse, and in utterly bad taste, The Washington Post's Sally Quinn led the Trump hate-fest featuring Daniels who had refused to cancel her book signing event at the "Politics and Prose" bookstore in Washington, D.C.

"Quinn, who clearly has no shame, immediately pivoted attention to Donald Trump and his alleged affair with Daniels. All while George Bush laid on the Lincoln catafalque in a solemn ceremony."
~ The Political Insider

Stormy Daniels Sally Quinn

Quinn, began they evening by introducing Stormy Daniels to a few hundred of her new fans, and said:

"Tonight, we will be talking about the President of the United States while one of the most honorable Presidents of the United States is lying in state at the Capitol."

You'd think Stormy and her sick fans could take one night off and go get in line over at the Rotunda and do their patriotic duty, but no, that's not how this porn star rolls, and we aren't too surprised about Daniels. We are, however, stunned by those Americans who attended the event, a bunch of vile Trump-haters who decided to show up for a porn star instead of showing up for the last of the "Greatest Generation's" deceased presidents.

Stormy, who was promoting her new book "Full Disclosure," announced she wouldn't be sticking around to mingle or sign books afterward, as she had a pressing engagement performing at a D.C. strip club.

Quinn, WaPo publisher Ben Bradlee's third wife and allegedly an esteemed journalist, made the following observation:

"I've watched Stormy's porn. It's very good. She knows what she's doing."

Sally Quinn Ben Bradlee

Posted by Rebecca Diserio on December 4, 2018

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