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Vox's mission is to "explain the news" to the progressive Left

Oct 20

How Vox makes us stupid

The hoi polloi can relax. Vox has kicked off the era of explanatory journalism. There are flashcards for your convenience.

To help you better understand why Vox is needed, Ezra Klein wrote a lengthy piece, a mission statement of sorts, entitled “How politics makes us stupid,” in which he laments the fact that ideology -- rather than “evidence” -- is propelling our policy decisions. You won't be stunned to learn that in Klein's post, and most other Vox pieces, liberal views seem to comport seamlessly with the evidence.

Vox treats liberal truths as if they were empirical truths, while it wrestles with real-world facts.

According to Vox's editor, conservatives function under political ideals that aren't only wrong, but also irrational. So Vox explains the intellectual purity of progressive positions to their liberal readers in a lucid and entertaining way. What it probably won't do is help anyone with genuine intellectual curiosity "understand the news" any better.

This is not surprising when one looks at the principals of and its parent.

Matthew (Matt) Yglesias is the co-founded These tweets tell you something about his point of view: is owned by Vox Media, Inc., an American digital media company based in Washington, D.C. and New York City. The company was founded in July 2005 as SportsBlogs Inc. by Jerome Armstrong, Tyler Bleszinski, and Markos Moulitsas, and was re-founded as Vox Media in 2011 by Joshua Topolsky.

Markos Moulitsas is the founder of The DailyCos, an uber-lleftist website.

Joshua Ryan Topolsky is an American technology journalist. His Twitter feed is describes him better than I could:

Jerome Armstrong is a political strategist and one of the first political bloggers. Armstrong coined the term "netroots" and was referred to as "The Blogfather" for having mentored many other famous bloggers such as Markos Moulitsas. He is credited as one of the architects of Howard Dean's '04 grassroots presidential campaign.

hese are all smart, talented people, but they see the world upside-down.

Posted by Parker Shannon on October 20, 2018

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