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Harbors delusion that Trump helped Putin destabilize the United States

Jan 14

Carl Bernstein Says The Presidency Of Donald Trump Is America’s National Emergency

The U.S. doesn't face a national emergency on its southern border, Carl Berstein says. It faces one in its White House.

"I think we need to identify the real national emergency in this country, and that is the question of whether or not Donald Trump is fit to be President of the United States."
 ~ Carl Bernstein, legendary journalist (in his own mind)

Carl Bernstein was on CNN last night and did an 8-minute infomercial against President Trump. CNN has titled the clip of Bernstein's comments as, "Trump helped Putin destabilize US."

Bernstein is a partisan and a fabulist. Throughout the interview Bernstein implies he has inside knowledge of what's going on in the Mueller investigation -- he doesn't, of course -- but that doesn't stop him from making the most outlandish, false charges against the president based on his own fantasies.

Almost everything you've watched Bernstein say in that clip is total nonsense. He doesn't know the things he says he knows about the Mueller investigation. What he presents as fact, as knowledge, is nothing more than the idle chatter of the Washington press corps that he repeats as liberal gospel.

The charges he makes are absurd, and that he makes these charges with such certainty  -- he has to know they're bullshit --  which identifies him as an agent of the Democratic Party. He certainly is no "journalist." If he really believes that stuff, he's completely crazy and has terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome -- he'll never recover -- nor will his reputation.

He says there's "no question" that Trump obstructed justice. Despite that charge being the corporate line at CNN, he doesn't know that.

He says that everybody from Team Trump that was involved in the "Trump Tower Meeting" has lied and are liars. He doesn't know that either, and he doesn't mention that it was the Democratic Party's dirty tricksters from Fusion GPS that set the meeting up.

He uses an absolutely bullshit story from The Washington Post to charge Trump with what amounts to treason, a charge that carries with it the penalty of death -- and Bernstein wants you to take him seriously.

Bernstein's hatred of everything Trump will be the end of him.

Posted by Parker Shannon on January14, 2019

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