Liberalz R Nutz -- Politicians

The "liberal politician" is an anachronism. They don't exist anymore. The modern Democratic Party is populated by "progressives," today's name for socialists.

How insane is it that the Democratic Party is championing illegal aliens at the very real expense of Americans?
Cory Booker Because Booker believes he is good, everything that he opposes is evil
John Brennan John Brennan says, "I don't believe I'm being political at all" -- is he nuts or what?
Jerry Brown The Governor of California has gone stark-raving mad!
Howard Dean Dean claims "the President of the United States is evil”
Democrats Many intelligent, well educated Democrats believe Trump cheated and stole the election
Kirsten Gillibrand What kind of lunatic believes allowing someone to speak is "silencing" that person?
Kamala Harris Sleeping her way to the White House
Hank Johnson Yes, this moron is really a Democratic congressman.
Ted Lieu Leftist Lieu would use government force to impose his tyrannical diktats
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world"
Ilhan Omar (D., ISIS) Accuses the United States of America of detaining and torturing refugees
Nancy Pelosi Asked if she considers herself the president’s equal, Nancy Pelosi replied, "The Constitution does."
Chuck Schumer "Climate change is real, it is being driven by human activity, it is happening right now."
Elizabeth Warren Don't laugh now, but Liarwatha is jumping into the presidential race as a Socialist
Maxine Waters I’m betting that’s all I have to post and you already know where this is going.