Show business "celebrities" just ooze a deep, insane hatred for Trump and they don't mind sharing it
Tom Arnold This guy has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome on the planet
Alec Baldwin Baldwin says Trump is a "National Socialist tumor"
Jim Carrey "Trump is a melanoma, and anybody that covers for him is putting makeup on it"
Cher Cher has a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that appears to be eating her brain
Stephen Colbert "I have Trump nomination BINGO and all the squares say 'white guy'."
Jamie Lee Curtis "This shit's getting real, so I’m scared every day."
Robert DeNiro Nobody has gone deeper over the deep end with his "TDS" than Robert "Punchy" De Niro
Danny DeVito "Oh, it's horrible. They are prison camps. It's awful. They're little concentration camps."
Jane Fonda Hanoi Jane wants to shut down the country -- doesn't say what happens then
Peter Fonda Captain America's recent tweets have demonstrated he has gone over the deep end
Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin let Trump Derangement Syndrome destroy her career
Mark Hamill Wants all government positions in the United States to be occupied by females
Chelsea Handler Few of the "famous" people are as cutting edge nutz as Chelsea
Hollywood Radical efforts of "damnatio memoriae" only elevates the censored and exposes the inner tyranny of the Left
Jimmy Kimmel It's not sane to think about cutting someone's penis off, Jimmy
Stephen King King says Judge Kavanaugh is more evil than any of his classic villains
Robert Klein "What if Obama f*cked a porn star?"
Bill Maher Maher says Trump "is a traitor" (prompts audience to laugh)
Paul McCartney Trump is "a mad captain sailing this boat we're all on and he is just going to take us to the iceberg")
Michael Moore President Donald Trump "is absolutely a racist" and so are his supporters
Rosie O'Donnell I was in "severe shock" when Trump won and went through "a lot of therapy"
Ron Perlman Has Perlman been doing his own stunts?
Rob Reiner Rob Reiner has become a vocal opponent of Trump, calling for "all out war" against him
Mark Ruffalo Ruffalo defends his mother getting an illegal abortion of his own sibling
Michael Shannon Michael Shannon is asked a simple question and he goes nutz!
Sarah Silverman A highlight of Sarah's life was watching comedian Louis C.K. masturbate
Meryl Streep There is a gathering storm -- everybody feels it
Barbra Streisand "Trump is like Humpty Dumpty... and one day he’s going to fall off the wall and crack"