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Out of control, unhinged and downright mean are phrases used to  describe liberals

Dec 21

Need a blue wave? -- twisting and shouting won’t work

"Out of control," "unhinged" and "downright mean." A description of President Trump? Not this time. In my recent voter interviews, these are phrases that voters across the political spectrum have used to describe liberals.

"The liberals have gone from merely disliking Trump to a level of rudeness and resistance unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s really cringeworthy," said Fred, a Republican energy-company manager from Akron, Ohio. He added, "My wife and my sons are liberals, and even they are embarrassed at the behavior of the media and congress."

Katie, a millennial from California and a self-described liberal, said, "I am literally freaking out because liberals are so unwilling to say anything positive about what is going on in our country. We sound biased and hysterical, and it is driving my friends away from the Democratic party."

Liberals have tried many messages. But only one has stood out with the voters I’ve interviewed over the last 18 months: "Stop Trump."

Is that enough to inspire people to vote against the president? Only about 20 percent of the voters I speak with weekly say so. For the rest, resistance is just not enough to excite them.

Last summer, the Democratic Party rolled out a message called "A Better Deal." Nine out 10 of the voters in my interviews had never heard of it. They hear nothing but negativity, and most believe it has gotten worse recently -- that the liberal resistance led by the Democratic National Committee, the media, and Hollywood, has gone from outrage to hysteria -- like this:

Liberals says that they have much to be upset about -- and some believe that this vigorous, profane resistance will charge up more voters. It doesn’t. Instead, it creates backlash, even among moderate voters. And, it emboldens Trump supporters to defend the president, regardless of his actual activities. Said Charlie from Georgia, "The liberals have called us uneducated, but isn’t it the mark of intellectual laziness when people cannot find anything positive to say about a summit, anything positive to say about the economy, or the like? The liberals just sound foolish."

Added Mark, a journalism major at a Boston university, "It pains me to say this, but spin and condescension are the new code of the liberal media."

Posted by Diane Hessan on December 20, 2018

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